Homemade Fried Shrimp

Happy New Years!!! (I know I’m a few hours early.) I LOVE bringing in the new year. There is so much fresh potential – like a blank sketch book. Welcome Twenty Ten!

In case you need an finger food idea for a party tonight, here’s a very simple recipe for delicious homemade fried shrimp:

Buy already cleaned & shelled shrimp if it’s on sale (so much easier)
Dip in flour
Dip in 1 egg scrambled up
Dip in bread crumbs (we used Publix Original Style and it was perfect!)
Drop shrimps in deep fryer for a few minutes

Serve with cocktail sauce

So simple. So wonderful.

* * * * *

Need a recipe for a sweet treat? I highly recommend P Dub‘s Chocolate Truffles with Sea Salt. They were a big hit over Christmas. I made a second batch with 1.5 bars of 85% cacao and .5 bar of 70% cacao chocolate for the inside. I also turned the sea salt red to be more festive! (Same instructions as making colored sugar, only I let them dry out in a pyrex dish and it only took a few hours.)

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