Installing a Shower Fan

A few months ago I replaced the hard drive in my macbook pro. Apple considers this part not user replaceable. I think I would consider installing a shower fan not homeowner installable, unless of course, your husband is awesome.


Installing a shower fan in the bathroom seemed easy enough to me. You just pop the sucker up in the ceiling, right? (Doesn’t it look so cute and simple?) It turned out to be a most-of-the-day project cutting a hole in the ceiling (making a huge mess)…
Jason squeezing into a tiny space in the attic between the ceiling joists and roof joists to mount the fan motor enclosure to a joist, attach the ducting from the motor to a vent in the roof and running electrical wire from the motor and down through the wall…
Cutting a hole in the wall to make room for the new outlet/switch box (another big mess), making sense of the old wiring (which is not grounded, by the way) and figuring out how to wire the light switch for the fan off of the GFCI outlet next to it.
Then there was a lot of cleaning, a little drywall repair and some paint touch-up.


I must say, I learned a whole lot about running electricity and ducting. And best of all – it works! We now have a fan in our bathroom to suck up all the shower steam. No more open window in the winter! And, now it should be much smoother process when we install the same fan in the new master bathroom. (This one is in our “hall bathroom” which will someday be the kids bathroom.)

Catch up on the adventures of our master bathroom renovation here:
Bathroom Renovation Stage 1
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Bathroom Renovation Stage 3

Bathroom Renovation Stage 4

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