Clothes Line Pole


We have two rusty  “T” shaped sculptures in our backyard. They used to hold a clothes line I assume. They’re very securely concreted into the ground. They’re probably 50 ft. apart.

What should I do with them?? I need suggestions. Plant hanger? Hammock stand? Sculpture? Yank the ugly things out?

One Response to Clothes Line Pole

  1. Meghan says:

    They definitely did used to hold a clothes line. We had them in the backyard of our 1954 home. Ours weren’t rusted, but one had already been pulled out and was laying sideways in the middle of the yard when we moved in and the other was very bent. They are EXTREMELY heavy once they’ve been taken out because of the concrete bases.

    Yours look to be in better shape than ours were (bent to hell). Our neighbors still have one in their yard and they use it for windchimes and hanging plants. I don’t know if I’d recommend using them for anything load-bearing, like a hammock stand, because the concrete bases can shift in the ground with too much pressure – something like that must have happened to ours.

    Since one of ours was already out and the other was bent, we threw them on Craigslist and basically said, “If you pull them out and haul them away, they’re yours!” Believe it or not, we got quite a few responses, and a guy came out with his truck and a little trailer, pulled the one out with his truck, threw them in the trailer, and took them home. He was going to sink them in his yard and use them for their original purpose. We used the hole to plant a much-needed tree.

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