Blackberry Hand Pies


Mmm… hello delicious! I made these sweet little blackberry hand pies using this recipe. (You’ll have to go there to get ingredient amounts and specific instructions—I won’t take credit for someone else’s work.) As an inexperienced cook  I thought it’d be fun to document my adventure with step-by-step photos.


Blend flour, butter, salt and shortening in food processor. Pulse in a little cold water.


Wrap up dough and refrigerate at least an hour.


Warm blackberries in a sauce pan. (I used frozen.)


Add sugar, cinnamon and cornstarch.


Gently heat into a sauce. Set aside.


Roll out dough. Find something round to use as a template. (This is my first homemade pie crust. Please don’t criticize my rolling skills!)


Plop a spoonful of blackberry yumminess into circle of dough.


Carefully rest loaded pastry on a baking sheet and seal with a fork.


Brush tops with milk and sprinkle with sugar. (I used my finger as a “brush”. Shhh… don’t tell anyone.)


Bake. Be patient a minute. Serve to your husband!

(And enjoy one for yourself, too, of course.)

3 Responses to Blackberry Hand Pies

  1. Those look truly evil! And super-tasty.

  2. Susan says:


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