Dream Home Inspiration: Exterior


Jason and I have been dreaming big lately… dreaming about houses. I’m not ready to tell you why yet.

Here are some inspiring images I’ve found.

Check my Pinterest page for sources.

Kids Bedroom: Sources of Inspiration


I’m on my computer all day at work as a graphic designer. Whenever I have a few minutes free I’m browsing my Google Reader or Pinterest pages absorbing inspiration from all the amazingly creative people out there. I had been tagging ideas for kids room and nurseries for years so when I had the opportunity to design a room for our future foster kids, I already had lots of ideas. I had so much fun putting this room together! (Have I said that before?)

This room was the inspiration behind painting the wall gray and painting the little night stand bright green:

I first saw the book ledge idea here:

This blue crib blew my mind. (Then, I saw this version in the 2010 IKEA catalog.)

There are a lot of KURA bed mods out there on the interwebs but this one inspired me to cover up the super-bright blue panels with white contact paper. She used fabric here:

And, of course, chalkboard paint has been all over the home & craft blogs for a while now but this room is what inspired me to paint the back of the kids bedroom door:

Here’s a tour of our kids bedroom in case you missed it.

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Cup of Inspiration



I’m very sad to report that my favorite tea cup — the one I use EVERYday — the one that my best friend fellow graphic designer gave me — did not survive the office move. :: sad tears ::


I just discovered a new blog called Naturally Nina and it’s full of beautiful inspiration. Her mug shot post (where I found these pictures) gives me hope. I will find a new “design-licious receptacle” for my morning cup of tea.