Modern Wood Fence — Step 7: Windows

A month ago I published Step 6: Almost Done… Well, we’re still almost done with the fence. Which means not done yet. I needed to refocus our attention on inside projects to get our house ready for our home study. So we STILL have to finish staining, patch some gaps along the bottom and add gates to our lovely modern wood fence.

I haven’t told you about these “windows” yet, though. We have a beautiful flowering plum tree that was in the way of our fence. We didn’t want to mangle one side of the tree by sawing off branches so we decided to build the fence around the tree. Or is it build the tree into the fence. Or build the … nevermind. See what we did here?

In one section we only used half of a plank, attaching one end to the 4×4 post and the other end the 2×4 support post. In another section, we created a small window, bracing a short plank to the planks above and below it using a scrap piece of plank. Did I say plank enough times for you? And yes, I, too, am curious how this is going to affect the tree and fence in years to come…


Step 1: InspirationStep 2: PlanningStep 3: PostsStep 4: ProgressStep 5: Transport, Step 6: Almost Done…


2 Responses to Modern Wood Fence — Step 7: Windows

  1. Bailey says:

    Hi!! First of all your house and everything y’all have done is BEAUTIFUL! I’m in awe!

    I just discovered horizontal fences and let me tell you I am obsessing. But I have a couple of questions (y’all make it look so easy!)
    How big of a space did you fence in total? And roughly how much did it cost once all was said and done?

    Hope to hear from you soon!!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Roughly $2000. Hmm…we don’t live there anymore so I can’t tell you how big the area was but not huge… we just fenced around our patio and garden area. Maybe 150-200 ft in length?

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